Since launching in October 2018, the Innovation Lab has engaged more than 1,500 people from 50 companies and organizations at Creative Adventure Lab! We have helped companies find new solutions, launch new ideas, and even new companies! We've learned that making space for innovation is the first step.

We started thinking about innovation in 2017 in order to expand the reach of our mission "to foster creativity and innovation in the community". We knew we were impacting youth & families but also knew we needed to reach adults and the work adults do in the community to have the most impact.

Thankfully, dozens of companies and organizations were willing to help us. We hosted dozens of conversations with leaders of companies, nonprofits, local governments, and schools. We learned that organizations need creative, flexible spaces. We also learned they needed tools & strategies for helping teams foster innovation inside the organization.

Today, our 7,500 square foot Innovation Lab features a mix of creative spaces, large & small, with great tech, and access to super-fast internet and effective & engaging innovation services. Companies like Dupaco, John Deere, Hodge, MercyOne, Alliant Energy, & McGraw-Hill Education have all used our innovation spaces to help their teams learn to make space and build the skills for innovation.

Let's explore how Creative Adventure Lab can help your company or organization find new ways to thrive, engage your team, and launch ideas. Start out by using one of our innovation spaces for a day! Go even further by giving your team an innovation experience like IDEAdash or IDEAthon. When you make space for innovation, exciting things happen!

Let's talk about how can we help your company foster innovation? Learn more online.

Eric Dregne