In June, Heartland Financial joined our coworking space at Creative Adventure Lab, in Dubuque’s new Idea Campus. Heartland will have 19 people working in our coworking space, they are part of an Emerging Leaders program, an innovative new approach to developing leadership talent at Heartland Financial.

Heartland took advantage of our Dedicated Desk Plan which allows them to reserve the number of desks they need, allowing them to keep the program flexible. The plan includes a complete workstation for each team member, gigabit internet speed, access to huddle rooms and meeting rooms, and free coffee! “It’s a great option to for us to have a space where our Emerging Leaders can connect with each other and the community in a dynamic space, with great amenities,” said Casey Schmidt who leads the program at Heartland.

At Creative Adventure Lab, our coworking community is more than 40 strong and is made up of companies of all sizes and with different needs. We have remote workers who want to get out of the house, freelancers who need a place to call home, entrepreneurs who want to connect with resources, small businesses who want an alternative space for employees to work and network to find new clients, and now a group of 19 emerging leaders from a corporation who want to connect in the community and launch their careers! What do they all have in common? The desire and the understanding that being part of a community of professionals, who want to share resources, make connections, and grow can help their companies thrive!

What’s your reason for working where you do? Check out our coworking space. Tours on Friday’s at 3p followed by our Friday@4p social hour. Learn more online.