Give your COMPANY an innovation edge

Creative Adventure Lab’s signature innovation services help your team discover, strengthen, and apply the four key innovation traits to create value for your company.

The four traits are simple (confidence, perspective, persistence, and flexibility). Getting your team to consistently apply them to foster innovative is the real trick. The goal of our innovation services is to help your team internalize these traits and maintain an innovation mindset long after the experience has concluded.



These Fun & affordable experiences help your team start to discover their innovative sides.

Innovation Spaces
You want a space that energizes & inspires your team. Our flexible innovation spaces are a great way to start moving beyond the same old meeting.

Innovation Experiences
But why just meet? Add an engaging Virtual Reality or LEGO® experience to get your meeting participants outside the box during meeting breaks.



help employees strengthen their innovation traits AS THEY SOLVE CHALLENGES.

Team Innovation Challenges
Go beyond team building and innovate together to solve fun challenges. We lead your team through a series of hands-on challenges that introduce the four key innovation traits in a relaxed, playful way. A great add-on to any meeting. Typically 1-3 hours.

Community IDEAthon
Utilize our signature IDEAthon process to solve a live challenge for a local nonprofit. Give your team an immersive, hands-on opportunity to learn about and use the four key innovation traits. Not only do participants do some good, they also strengthen their own innovation abilities. Typically a full day.



unleash your team’s innovation abilities to solve YOUR ACTIVE business challenges and create real value FOR YOUR COMPANY.

Our signature IDEAthon process engages your team in a friendly, competitive innovation experience that results in actionable solutions to a business challenge in your organization. Your team will learn and use key innovation traits and fully immerse themselves in an innovation mindset. Typically a full day.

Innovation Circuit
Our marquee innovation service is designed to drive innovation even deeper within your company.  We lead your team through a series of innovation processes to identify active business challenges, create meaningful solutions, and foster significant buy-in among employees. Typically 3 to 6 months in length.



Why choose Innovation Services?

You want fresh ideas
We facilitate effective, engaging ideation processes that meet your goals. Our ideation processes are energetic, competitive, and deliver actionable solutions.

You want idea people
What’s better than getting fresh ideas from an awesome ideation session? Having a whole team of people who can deliver fresh ideas all the time. We can help.

You want an edge
Innovation is about using new ideas to gain an advantage over the competition. We can help you think about how a comprehensive innovation strategy can give you the edge you need.

You want proven results
We can talk about innovation all day. But more importantly, we generate proven results that keep clients coming back. We talk the talk so you can walk the walk.



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