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All aspects of this accelerator program are tailored to help creatives sell more of the things they make. During the 6 week program, you’ll learn fundamental business concepts, connect with local experts & resources, and think about key questions to really accelerate the growth of your business.

In addition, Creative Adventure Lab staff and partners will be available to provide additional assistance between program sessions to help you apply what you learn, plus you’ll get free access to Creative Adventure Lab’s coworking space between sessions, to work on your business and connect with a growing community of entrepreneurs, small business owners, and digital nomads.


Session 1: Business Planning Basics

How can you start your business off on the right foot, from setting goals to creating a comprehensive business plan to guide your efforts. We’ll connect you with business planning experts and help you think about how a business plan can help your business grow.

Session 2: Branding, Customer Loyalty & Awareness

Every business needs to have customers. Artists & makers have special considerations when thinking about how to build a great brand and create widespread awareness. Learn best practices to building a standout brand & using it to create ongoing sales.

Session 3: Selling Online

What are the right online sales venues for your business? How do you really make them work for you? Where can you spend your time to get the greatest impact & sales? We help you think about which online sales methods are a best fit for your business and how you can get the most results.

Session 4: Selling in Galleries/Cooperatives/Shops

Learn how to get your work into brick and mortar shops from the pros! We’ll discuss how to connect with owners, how to impress customers, and how to ensure your work doesn’t just collect dust on the shelf.

Session 5: Other Sales Channels

Beyond online sales and brick and mortar shops there are a huge number of ways to get your work sold, including through institutional buyers, retail buyers, pop-up shops & fairs, and many more. We’ll help you think about if these could help boost your business and how to make them work for you.

Session 6: Business Logistics & Next Steps

Every business needs to know how to operate efficiently. This session covers different types of business entities, paperwork filing requirements, useful accounting strategies to keep your books straight, and a number of other key items to ensure your business remains legal.

Full Course $200
Access to Coworking Space for 6 weeks during program
Access to topic experts & resources to help you enact what you learn between sessions

Individual Classes $40 each
This is not a one-size-fits-all course. Choose the subjects that best apply to you. Tip: Signing up for the full course gives you a discount.

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